Unforgettable outdoor drama – better than ever

“Unforgettable outdoor drama- better than ever. The weather was perfect for our visit with a slight breeze, so the insects were held back. The actors were amazing, fight scenes were realistic, costumes were fabulous. Audio was perfect highly understandable, not too loud or soft. The narrator came in & out of scenes to explain the story better so even young kids could properly understand the real history of America’s oldest outdoor drama. Afterwards a brief time to take pics with a few actors. Seats were comfortable with no poor location. I can’t think of one thing that could be done to make this any better.”

Loved it!

“This was my first time seeing any type of outdoor play. All the actors, props, and everything make you feel like you’re really there in that time period. I’m delighted that we came to see such a wonderful, well written (and portrayed) play about the Lost Colony. I hope to be in the area in the future so I can see the play again. This was truly an experience I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”

Well worth the ticket price

“As a theatre lover, I always try to see a performance whenever I can. Since this is the first time that my wife and I are visiting the Outer Banks and staying in Manteo, I thought that we should see “The Lost Colony”. I opted for the higher priced seats and we were in row H almost in the center and had an excellent view of the entire performance. The historical aspects of the play were very interesting, acting and scenery excellent and some of the singers had beautiful voices.”