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The Roanoke Island Historical Association’s mission is to sustain production of The Lost Colony at the historic Waterside Theatre and with help from our supporters, we have for more than eight decades. With your support, we will continue this tradition and make it bigger and better every year. Your support not only keeps the production alive but continues to ensure that we can provide young artists and our community with a life-changing, educating and exciting summer of Roanoke Island.

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Legacy Gifts & Planned Giving

Consider including The Lost Colony in your will or other instrument of planned giving. Your kindness will continue to live beyond your finite existence and may provide you and your heir the benefit of lower income and estate taxes.

Legacy gifts take many forms including:

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In Kind Donations

In Kind Donations are an invaluable part of the giving that makes The Lost Colony go year after year. From archival items to automobiles, giving items is not only a great way to support us, but could help you clear out your basement or garage and provide you a nice tax write off too! We’ll keep this list updated as needs arise, but if you have something not on the list that you think we can use…give us a call!

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Recurring Support

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Please consider making a recurring donation to The Roanoke Island Historical Association. These gifts provide a steady, crucial revenue stream in support of our general operations to produce The Lost Colony.

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